Company profile


“Babycare” which was invented by devoted industrial designers is a prominent brand-name and well-received in markets of baby-care products, thanks to its emphasis on “top-captivating values”, “top quality” and “top safety”.

Headquarters of “Babycare”  is located in Utah,  a state in the western United States of America, specializing in design, research and development of mother-baby products. Many of our fans come from middle-class, who highly approve of our fashionable presentation and strict application of relevant USA safety ordinances.

“Babycare & parents: heart-to-heart” is our hallmark value, meaning our products are down to ground and catering for the interests of both babies and users. One of our efforts is that the usage, design and development of our products were based on recommendations by a series of researches and experiments concerning orthopedic developments of babies.

Take infant waist carrier as an instance, our design is aimed at prevention of baby bow-leg. It is crafted to improve comfortability of infants and prevent them from bowleg posturing which hinders blood circulation.

“Egg-shape” infant dinning chair is another example, it protects baby backbone. They were all developed by Fairmont-based laboratory of US Babycare INC., Babycare research and design centers as well as  Kanbel Medical Center of US catering for your needs.

Our Slogan

“Who cares? Babycare!” is not merely our slogan, but we alsoS tailored-made baby care products and channelled passion and warmness into the usage.

Besides the infant waist carrier and “egg-shape” dinning chair which help protect both babies and users, our ultraviolet ray-sterilizing cabinet can assist you for better disinfection. Our actions speak lounder than words.

Origin of Babycare

Why we emphasis on scientific and technological researches to design our products? It is attributed to the founder of Babycare, Luka, who is a conscientious product-designer cherishing the healthy development of babies.

Luka is concerned about how can our babycare products be harmonized and effectively interacted with the infants and product users in terms of their needs, capabilities and limitations. To protect and sustain normal bone-development of babies, we therefore call attention to research data, methods and evaluations of Ergonomics provided by International Ergonomics Association (IEA) .

Apart from applying the principles of IEA researches into our theory for product design, we utilize Human-Factor Engineering which recognizes human being is a part of the product elements. Whether it is a push button, handle, lever, pedal, crank, or switch, we  aim to optimize infant well-being and overall product performance.

Highlights of our products of “Babycare” and “Babycare Philemon” include baby strollers,  baby harness, infant dining tables, infant chairs, friendly toys and other preventive tools.  Feeding tools meeting the needs of mothers are baby utensils, feeding bottles and glasses.

“Babycare” Positioning

We are committed to achieve our aspiration of being both “product designers and baby caretakers”. In collaboration with academic and scientific researches, “Babycare” stresses the importance of three Tops:

“Top-captivating values”,

“Top quality” and

“Top safety”.

Brand Names

Our product development and research teams are in America and China. To cater for the local demands of stylish and colourful patterns or designs in both countries, we set up “Babycare by Philemon” , “Mamicare”, “dgb” and “aag”.

Being empowered by our sales network in liaison with partner KA, we have already been serving over 50,000,000 babies in 15 countries. Efforts to march towards internationally-desired brand is imminent.

“Do more than you think” is our motto, not limited to nursing task. Apart from localization of our products, we seize the e-market of China. Over 6,000 online shops in in Tmall, JD, Vipshop and Beibei. They have already displayed significant Babycare products for you!  Come and Take a look!